Watch the amazing moment Korn played Blind with Joey Jordison

Joey Jordison and Jonathan Davis
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It could be argued that Korn drummer David Silveria’s performance on Blind features the most simple, yet iconic piece of drumming in heavy metal history. Thanks to the opening track and lead single from Korn’s 1994 debut, all it takes is the four gentle taps of a cymbal to get nu metal acolytes pissing themselves in excitement.

By the time the Bakersfield band descended upon the Rock am Ring festival in Nürburg, Germany in the summer of 2007, all was not peachy in the Korn camp. Months earlier, Silveria went on hiatus after sustaining a serious back injury from lifting weights.

While Frank Zappa drummer Terry Bozzio and then Bad Religion drummer Brooks Wackerman guested on their untitled eighth studio album (which was about to be slaughtered in the press the following month), the band were without a permanent drummer for a lengthy summer run.  

Nonetheless, the stars aligned for Korn that summer and this show in particular, as they tapped Slipknot legend Joey Jordison to sit in for their upcoming dates. While Corey Taylor and Jim Root were working on a new Stone Sour record, Jordison was kicking his heels after producing Canadian metallers 3 Inches of Blood’s third album Fire Up the Blades. He leapt at the chance to join his contemporaries in Europe and just three songs into an initial rehearsal, he was given the job.

Check out this footage of Blind, filmed at Rock am Ring on June 3, 2007. Adding an impromptu drum break before dropping into those signature cymbal hits, Jordison makes the classic his own.

“Musically, Korn's stuff is more groove-laden and slower than what I normally do,” he noted in a tour diary that summer. “But what’s cool is that they're letting me add my own stuff, like a lot quicker fills; I'm keeping around the same tempos and grooves, but I'm adding really quick double-bass at the end of certain phrases and at the end of songs. I've even got blast beats at the end of Blind — we take the song super long with crazy fast double bass. So my style from Slipknot is interjected in Korn, and I think the kids are digging it. It's been cool locking in with Fieldy, and I vibe all the way off of Munky live; he's just a sick performer.”

It’s not just Jordison who’s firing on all cylinders on that summer evening. Jonathan Davis is in fine form as well. In what may be a nod to Joey’s other band, the vocalist incites his own “Jump the fuck up!” moment. “I want everybody to get fucking nuts!” he commands the crowd, before barking out that classic line, “Are you ready?!” 

Spoiler – the fans duly go fucking nuts.

The Rock am Ring slot was part of a massive summer stint with Joey. The drummer also played on that year’s Family Values tour, and was ultimately part of Team Korn for five months. 

“I’m lucky to have had the opportunity to perform with bands that have influenced me as a musician over the years,” the drummer said. “When I first heard Korn, they blew me away and I have been a fan ever since.”

Following the shows, Joey returned to Slipknot for 2008’s All Hope Is Gone, but this ferocious take on Blind remains part of his infallible legacy.

Of course, it wasn't the only time the Slipknot drummer helped out a band in need. He also famously helped save Metallica's skin at Download in 2004.

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