Watch AC/DC's drums and bass replaced by a washing machine

Washing Machine

Is this the ultimate rock’n’roll indignity? AC/DC drummer Chris Slade, who first replaced Simon Wright when he joined the band in 1989, and then returned to replace troubled sticksman Phil Rudd in early 2015, has himself been replaced. By a washing machine.

Evidence of this has surfaced in a video uploaded to the internet by YouTuber Aaron McAvoy, in which McAvoy plays AC/DC’s 1990 hit Thunderstruck, accompanied only by guitarist Shawn Lake and an ancient, noisy washing machine that’s clearly about to break down. And the machine does a pretty good job of replicating Slade’s unrelenting rhythm.

It turns out that MacAvoy has form. He’s previously uploaded clips of the same washing machine providing a solid backbone for covers of The Charlie Daniels Band’s country rock classic The Devil Went Down To Georgia and George Michael’s 1987 hit Faith.

“I’m surprised I can talk today with all the takes we did,” says MacAvoy. “I ain’t no redneck one trick pony.”

We couldn’t agree more, and look forward to seeing McAvoy win the next series of America’s Got Talent.

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