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Vote for the best Ozzy Osbourne song ever

Ozzy Osbourne
(Image credit: Ozzy Osbourne)

After getting booted from Black Sabbath on April 27th 1979, Ozzy Osbourne figured his days were numbered. Expecting his return to England to be the closing chapter of his rags-to-riches story of rock stardom, Osbourne holed up in a hotel and started drinking himself towards the oblivion he was surely consigned to. 

But when manager Sharon Arden found Osbourne, she breathed fresh life into the singer (after kicking his arse back into shape), starting him on the road to stardom in his own right and a solo career that has lasted a further 40 years. With 12 studio albums in the rearview mirror (and a 13th on the horizon), we want you to help us select the best Ozzy Osbourne songs from his extensive canon.

For the sake of list we are considering any songs recorded by the Ozzy Osbourne band, or any times Ozzy has appeared as a featured guest (Alice Cooper, Motorhead err... Coal Chamber - we'll make no judgements!), but will not be considering any Black Sabbath songs (including those played live or covered with Ozzy as a guest vocalist - those have a list of their own). 

If you don't spot your favourite Ozzy contribution, add it to the list but otherwise have at it and check back to see how your favourites fared. 

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