Video: F.E.A.R. and record shopping with Papa Roach

TeamRock took Papa Roach to London’s Sister Ray record store to do a bit of shopping. While they were there, they discussed their new album F.E.A.R. and their musical influences.

“We grew up listening to hip hop music, metal and punk rock, east coast hardcore and reggae,” explains vocalist Jacoby Shaddix. “We grew up listening to very eclectic music – it’s like musical stew for us. If you go through my record collection at home, it goes through everything from hip hop to classic rock, like Supertramp to Led Zeppelin to Queen.

“It’s a trip because I didn’t really listen to 70s rock until about 10 years ago, when we were writing The Paramour Sessions,” he adds. “ELO was another group I got into because of vinyl records. I think it’s a great way to listen to music. Put the needle down and let it go…”

Watch the interview below.