Tracks Of The Week: new music and videos from Myles Kennedy, Blondie and more

Tracks Of The Week

It’s Friday, it’s almost time for our staff Christmas shindig, and it’s also time for Classic Rock’s Tracks Of The Week – in which we present you with another round of new rock goodies. Happy times all round, essentially. Last week’s top three were as follows:

3. Ally DickatyDon’t Let Go

2. Rock Remembers RickChristmas Eve (Nanana)

1. Stone BrokenWorth Fighting For

Great stuff from all three of them, and thanks to everyone who voted. Now, who’s the rightful winner this week? You decide, so listen in then vote for the one you deem the bestest. But first, how about some of last week’s first prize winners Stone Broken? Yeah we’ll take some of that…

Jim Jones & The Righteous Mind – Something’s Gonna Get Its Hands On You

Jim and his Righteous Mind are on devilishly good form with this cut from Super Natural – dirty blues, guttural vocals and prime garage/alt rock chops joined by swirls of commanding backing vocals and flourishes of psychedelic decadence. And a lush, evocative video packed with hooded figures, crystal balls and other quality creepiness.

Blondie – Doom Or Destiny

Debbie Harry is joined by Joan Jett in the video for this bouncy highlight from (latest Blondie LP) Pollinator. Laden with political chutzpah (angry animations, suits with dinosaur heads, ‘fake news’ slogans…) and power pop catchiness galore, it’s an invigorated, more-ish meeting of two proper icons.

Tax The Heat – All That Medicine

The West Country rockers are back in 2018 with a brand new album, from which this biting syncopated number is taken. All the Rn’B-meets-QOTSA-meets-classic rock ingredients we loved with debut Fed To The Lions, with the pleasingly confident coolness (i.e. the good, non-douchebag kind of coolness) of a band with a great couple of years under their belt. Must be All That Medicine…harharhar….

Pugwash – What Are You Like (feat Matt Berry)

Thomas Walsh (aka brain of Pugwash) joins forces with funny dude (and sometime-muso) Matt Berry in this gorgeous pocket of expert pop’n’roll song-smithery from one of our favourite albums of the moment – the beautiful Silverlake.

Myles Kennedy – Year Of The Tiger

Holy mackerel! Myles ‘Voice of Alter Bridge/Slash/nearly-Zeppelin’ Kennedy has gone and made that solo album we’ve heard so many whispers about. This title track sees him swap Alter Bridge beef for Robert Plant-esque folky worldliness.

Palace Of The King – It’s Been A Long Time Coming

The riff-munching Aussies are back with the first single from their upcoming new album, due in 2018. Kicking off with a ‘yeaaahhh!’ of which (fellow Oz rockers) Airbourne would be proud, it’s an AC/DC-nodding shot of cocksure rock’n’roll – served straight-up, no twisting or horsing around (save a slightly curious key-shift in the verses).

Galactic Cowboys – Zombies

Because nothing says ‘nearly Christmas!” like a zombie invasion. Or Galactic Cowboys singer Ben Huggins crying ‘ZOMBIIIEEESSS!’, as he does at the end of this. Oodles of menacing yet melodious heavy metal fun, this is taken from the Texans’ quality comeback Long Way Back To The Moon, which came out earlier this year.

Wedge – Lucid

Heady, late 60s-esque fun from Berlin-born rockers Wedge. Not a sexy band name, admittedly, but sexier music at least – if upbeat psychedelic grooviness and tastily woozy guitar tones do it for you. Good times, freaky times…

Polly Glass
Deputy Editor, Classic Rock

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