These slightly wrong nu metal t-shirts are the best thing you'll see today

Nu metal shirts

If you've ever worn a band t-shirt and hung out with an elitist prick, chances are you'll have been mercilessly grilled on your love of said band asked to name every single B-side they've ever written. In order.

And because these gatekeepers are so easy to wind up, it'll be super-easy to bait them with these ever-so-slightly wrong nu metal shirts. 

Referring to Marilyn Manson as the God Of Funk, for example. Korn spelled with a C. Limp Bizkits, Slapknot, Rage About The Machine... all subtle changes guaranteed to disgruntle any metalhead who can't take a joke.

Rage Against The Machine shirt

Designed by SlightlyWrong, there are also loads of movie shirts that are just as fun.

Head over to the online store now and pick up a shirt now! We really want the Motorhead/Radiohead one.