The World Of Metal Predicts The Winner Of Mayweather Vs Pacquiao

Tonight the eyes of the sporting world will be fixed on Las Vegas as Floyd Mayweather Jr takes on Manny Pacquiao in what is being touted as the fight of the century. But who will come out on top? We asked some of metal’s biggest boxing fans for their opinion…

**Dino Cazares (Fear Factory) **“I’m going for Manny Pacquiao cause I feel like Pacquiao is in great shape, he’s mentally prepared for this fight. He is perpetual motion, he attacks from every angle, he’s all energy, always throwing punches and never stops. The main thing is I feel like he’s fighting for his country more than himself. I love the underdogs and he is definitely the underdog in this fight.”

Doro Pesch (Doro) “I am looking forward to an exciting fight – both boxers are strong, a prediction is hard. May the best man win!”

Freddy Cricien (Madball) “In my heart of hearts I would love to see Pacquiao win over Mayweather – preferably by knockout, which may be his only option. I’ve been a Pacquiao fan for years. With that said, Mayweather has an incredible record and the ability to outbox most and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did just that. It all depends on who brings their A-game – maybe they both will and we’ll see a hell of a fight! It’s hard to make a prediction. If I was a betting man I might go for Mayweather – he never ceases to amaze me how he always manages to pull out a victory. But I’m not a big gambler so I would love for Pac-Man to prevail. Hoya [Roc, bass] predicts Pacquioa by KO – I hope he’s right! We’ll leave it at that.”

**Jamie Graham (Heart Of A Coward) **“There’s no doubt that Mayweather is the most technically proficient fighter on the circuit, but the general attitude he’s shown to Pac will either be the crown jewel or the nail in his coffin. Having agreed to every ridiculous demand Mayweather has made, you have to wonder if Pac is so supremely confident that he may have something vicious prepared for this fight. If Mayweather tries to knock Pac out by wearing him down and getting inside that jab, he will regret it. I’d love to see Pac win but I have a hunch Mayweather’s polished style will be too much for him.”

Dan Kenny (Suicide Silence) “I am picking Mayweather to win this fight. He is one of the best boxers of all time – maybe even the best boxer of all time. I really want Pac-Man to win but I just don’t see it happening. All in all I want to see a competitive fight. I can’t wait to watch!”

Luke Morton joined Metal Hammer as Online Editor in 2014, having previously worked as News Editor at popular (but now sadly defunct) alternative lifestyle magazine, Front. As well as helming the Metal Hammer website for the four years that followed, Luke also helped relaunch the Metal Hammer podcast in early 2018, producing, scripting and presenting the relaunched show during its early days. He also wrote regular features for the magazine, including a 2018 cover feature for his very favourite band in the world, Slipknot, discussing their turbulent 2008 album, All Hope Is Gone.