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The Story of Alter Bridge's Blackbird

Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy has spoken to Classic Rock about how the band wrote the classic Blackbird, the title track of the band’s second album.

“We recorded a real rough version of it and I had it on my laptop,” says Myles. “I was staying at Mark [Tremonti]’s house at the time. He came in and said, ‘let’s check out how it sounds - we’ve been away from it for a few hours, and we have some perspective.’ 

"And we sat there and listened to it, and looked at each other, and were like, 'Wow.' As songwriters, these are the moments you dream of. These are the moments that make all of the searching and soul searching more than worthwhile. That was a great moment for both of us."

In the video, below, Myles also explains how David Gilmour influenced the track, and pays tribute to the man who inspired the song.