The Best Of 2014: Retirements

Some bands crash and burn. Some die before they grow old. Others, well, they just decide enough is enough and wander off into the sunset. Here are four bands who knocked it on the head in 2014.

Mötley Crüe (above)

The announcement: “This is a mutual [agreement] to move on to other endeavours and to confirm it with a binding agreement,” the band’s attorney said.

The reasons: They have other projects on the go, and want to go out in style via one giant ‘farewell’ tour in 2015.

Chances of un-retiring: They made a show of retiring with a publicly signed contract. Whiff of PR stunt, anyone?

Status Quo

The announcement: “These new dates are an opportunity to get the gang back together for one last blast,” Rick Parfitt said, before the final shows by the Frantic Four line-up this year.

The reasons: Not entirely clear. Could it be because the ‘new’ Quo makes more money?

Chances of un-retiring: Quo have ‘retired’ before, back in the 80s – and then made a comeback a year later. But this looks pretty final – none of them are getting any younger.

The Allman Brothers Band

The announcement: “This is the end of it. Forty-five years is enough, and I want to do something else anyway,” mainman Gregg Allman said.

The reasons: Members Warren Haynes and Derek Trucks had previously announced that they’d leave the band after 2014. Accordingly, Gregg decided to call it a day too.

Chances of un-retiring: Unlikely. They’re all either dead or more than ready to move on. And Gregg’s got his solo career to focus on.

Francis Dunnery

The announcement: “I am sad to say I have to announced the end of my ‘full band’ touring days,” stated the former It Bites frontman on Twitter.

The reasons: It’s a retirement from “rock shows”, rather than music altogether, due to lack of sufficient audience numbers at gigs.

Chances of un-retiring: He’s a funny old boy, so it’s anyone’s guess. ‘Non-rock’ shows may grow back into rock.

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