The Best Of 2014: Collaborations Of The Year


From hip hop/operatic metal crossovers to the unlikely reappearance of Tommy Lee, these are the unlikeliest crossovers of 2014.

Metallica & Lang Lang

Who: Stadium metal kingpins and Chinese piano-botherer./o:p

What: The two parties teamed up on One at this year’s Grammys. /o:p

Any good? Better than Lulu. But then what isn’t?/o:p

Within Temptation & Xzibit

Who: Symphonic rockers and Pimp My Ride-hosting rapper./o:p

What: And We Run, on WT’s Hydra album./o:p

Any good? Not bad, even if it’s unlikely Xzibit had the foggiest who he was actually rapping for./o:p

Sunn O))) & Scott Walker/o:p

Who: Be-cowled drone metals and erstwhile Walker Brother/60s crooner. /o:p

What: The frankly head‑zonking Soused EP. /o:p

Any good? Arty. Very arty. Let’s settle for that./o:p

Red Hot Chili Peppers & Bruno Mars

Who: Funk-metal overlords and vertiginously quiffed R&B muppet./o:p

What: They teamed up for a cover of the Chilis’ Give It Away at the Super Bowl./o:p

Any good? Terrible. The sound of the last of the Chilis’ rock cred vanishing over the horizon./o:p

Billy Corgan & Tommy Lee/o:p

Who: Smashing Pumpkins’ moaner-in-chief and hellraising Mötley Crüe drummer./o:p

What: Lee appears on the Pumpkins’ new album, Monuments To An Elegy./o:p

Any good? Well, it’s certainly better than the Crüe have been for a while./o:p