Taken By The Tide's track by track guide to their new Revenge EP

Taken By The Tide

Nottingham progressive metalcore crew Taken By The Tide have released their new EP Revenge. It's a heavy, crushing display of technical wizardry and roaring vocals, telling tales of social media, mass media and the horrors of real life. 

Here, vocalist Phil Illsley provides us with a track by track breakdown to Revenge.

The Organs Are Mine

""I hope this track sets the tone for the rest of the record and paints a picture of anguish and despair. It has discordant riffs in awkward measures, though not eschewing the benefits of a standard-ish song structure."

Grave Lessons

"It's sort of a response to the growing epidemic of 'digital dementia'. The narcissism around social media is something I think we're all guilty of in some way, although somehow it's become a necessity for most of us in one way or another. It's such a shame that for many, the search for knowledge and the betterment of one's self has become second fiddle to all this nonsense. This is another upbeat track with plenty of chug and eerie lead lines that shouldn't work but somehow do."


"The lyrics to this track are extremely personal, which is a new thing for me. I've written about it plenty elsewhere, but it's the story of finding out that a family figure that you held dearly, is quite simply a monster. It's set upon a backdrop of atmosphere that Eric (Revill, guitar) created to deliberately make the listener feel uncomfortable, which contrast with big binary riff grooves. It's become a bit of a monster itself live. By far our 'simplest' song, but a crowd favourite for sure."


"A sort of interlude, although it alludes to more terror. Eric wrote this track after being inspired by a number of classic horror soundtracks – John Carpenter etc. Again, it's relatively 'simple' but it makes the hairs stand up on my neck every time we put it in the set. Even when I'm exhausted from the tracks I sing on, it has a certain 'worry' about it. It's hard to explain."

Anfang Extinction

"Literally the summation of the end of the world. I don't have much to say about this one – it's the poor taking on the rich and winning. I couldn't write the details in between, but it could be any number of reasons that ensure it happens that way. Musically, the ending of this track is like a churning tsunami of miserable chord sequences and chopped off bars."

Now I Am Become Death

"The frustration I have with the way the mainstream media across the globe has people hooked on their every word, and the dangers of wielding that power. This song has the most catchy, almost singalong chorus I think we could write. It's also the most dynamic track on the record with Andy (Workman, bass) even employing some bass harmonics to great effect. The Robert Oppenheimer quote in the middle is a particularly good metaphor for the subject matter. I also managed to get the words 'Did I stutter?' in there too, which I'm pretty chuffed about. This track just had to be the closer on the record."

Taken By The Tide's new Revenge EP is out now and available to buy on Bandcamp.

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