Road Trippin': Bring Me The Horizon

What should we expect from your Reading and Leeds shows this year?

**Jordan Fish (keyboards): **“We’ll maybe play some new stuff – we’ll have to see how it goes. Production-wise, we have a few ideas, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise!”

What bands are you looking forward to watching?

“I really like Pvris, and I wouldn’t mind seeing Kendrick Lamar. Metallica always put on a good show, too.”

Which of your gigs has been your favourite?

“It has to be Wembley Arena last year. We never thought we’d reach that level. Our 2013 Reading and Leeds shows also stick in my mind. We had loads of little frisbees with our album artwork on that we threw into the crowd before we played. Sometimes there’s just a good vibe between you and the crowd. Again, Reading and Leeds have always been good for that. Our last show there was six months after we released Sempiternal, and it was mental.”

What do you get up to between shows when you’re on the road?

“We keep ourselves to ourselves, really. We’re mainly exercising, playing videogames or trying to write music; we don’t go mental. When you’re nearly 30 you have to be careful! Our shows are our release.”

What’s one thing you’ve never done onstage, but would like to do?

“Er… sacrifice a pig? We’ve never been allowed to do that. Actually, no – I want the Red Arrows to do a flyover. We got our management to look into it when we did Download, which, looking back, is a bit ridiculous. It was cool when Bruce Dickinson flew that plane over Sonisphere last year before Iron Maiden’s set, but I guess we can’t all have a pilot’s licence…”