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Rosalie Cunningham, frontwoman and founder of the Southend-bred retro-rockers, on psychedelia, the X-Factor and meeting Kiss.

How does it feel to be nominated in the Best New Band category for Classic Rock’s 2014 Roll Of Honour?

It’s fantastic. I don’t know if we stand much chance of winning, but it’s great.

Purson are one of a number of acts getting noticed for playing prog/psychedelic music. Is the genre on the rise?

It definitely seems to be having some sort of day again [laughs], but the word ‘psychedelia’ is being thrown around a little too much for my liking.

The band are inspired by the Three Bs – The Beatles, Bowie and Black Sabbath – but we can also hear some Heep, Tull, the Doors and Renaissance in there.

All of those, yeah. We get Uriah Heep a lot, which is funny. I suppose they must have seeped in somehow.

So how much would we have to pay you to sit through an episode of The X Factor?

An entire episode? [laughs] Well, with the amount of money I have in my bank account I’d probably do it for a fiver.

Your new EP is called In The Meantime.

The title refers to the fact that it’s a bridge between our two albums, the second of which, The Circle And The Blue Door, will be out next year.

Is it true you were invited personally by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons to play on the upcoming Kiss Kruise?

Well, their people spoke to our people. I haven’t met them yet, but although I’m a bit scared by the prospect I’m looking forward to that very much!

Purson’s 12-date tour begins in Reading on October 14.

Dave Ling
Dave Ling

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