Proof that Jason Butler from Letlive has balls of steel

Jason Butler from Letlive on top of a stage

If you’re a fan of Letlive you’ll no doubt be aware of frontman Jason Aalon Butler’s passion for chaos. When he’s not ripping backdrops off the wall or smashing the stage to smithereens, he’s climbing every pole or piece of scaffolding he can get his angry hands on – as you can see below!

At this past weekend’s Chicago Open Air festival, Jason took it upon himself to climb ON TOP OF THE STAGE during Renegade 86. Watch the fan footage below to watch Butler screaming his lungs into a bloody goo with his head in the clouds. There’s no safety net, no harness keeping him locked in, he just climbed to the top of the stage mid-set because that’s what Letlive do.

Earlier that weekend at Chicago Open Air, Drowning Pool invited an 82-year-old man onstage to sing Bodies with them. Yep. That’s a thing that happened.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen at a festival?

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