Oceano's track-by-track guide to Revelation


Deathcore mainstays Oceano have just unleashed their fifth album Revelation, the first since signing to Sumerian Records. But this isn’t just a metal record about violence, bloodshed and revenge, in fact the lyrics read more like a dystopian sci-fi script. A time-travelling entity comes across the planet Earth and sees the awful effect the human race are having on it, along with ancient beings known as The Ascendents who are debating whether or not to save humanity.

“All of the songs are the recollections of a separate being as he travels through a portal of alternate timelines,” says Oceano frontman Adam Warren. “Each track is another revelation that he’s viewed. The Ascendants have been watching society grow and lightly influencing it but allowing humans free will for the most part. In turn, what they’ve seen is humanity basically deplete the planet to a near state of destruction.”

Throughout the record, Oceano tell tales of The Ascendents trying to decide whether or not its worth their time or effort save the doomed species of humankind. To get a better grasp on just what the hell it’s all about, we caught up with Adam for a track-by-track guide to his band’s rather bleak concept album.

Dark Prophecy

“This is a warning to the world: look at what you have done to your home. The end is inevitable but will humanity finally recognise the signs, or further fuel the collapse?”

Lucid Reality

“It’s a highly-debated topic that dreams are just as tangible of a reality as the waking state that we more consciously exist within. With this in mind, what can be accessed, and to what distances could we travel once we can seamlessly access both realities? There are entities from beyond who hold the knowledge to guide us away from this dying physical plane.”

Path To Extinction

“Ancient ancestors from beyond continue to watch our kind; judging our every move to analyse if the human race has proven its worth and deemed itself capable of truly wanting to rectify the damage caused upon the environment, and become further enlightened beings. Following the guidelines may result in salvation from the events to come.”

The Great Tribulation

“An ideal ending in the revelations foretold, a new home has been held in secret by human’s ancient ancestors – The Ascendants – to repopulate with the enlightened humans of Earth. Yet upon closer inspection, it seems that old habits die hard. With them they still bring a plight the ancient ones did not foresee; deep rooted greed, prejudice, and a lust for power.”

Illusions Unravel

“The skies are quickly becoming less and less observed. Already considered discovered territory, more and more stay distracted and influence others to keep their sights downward, locked onto their gadgets and devices. This alienating syndrome allows for an entire network of both human and otherworldly craft to exist unnoticed overhead and remain in secrecy.”

Majestic 12

“To think there are not secrets withheld by those with ‘power’ is fairly foolish. Compartmentalised information is a standard practice in keeping things secret. But what occurs when some of these secrets begin to spread amongst those unintended? Will the truth finally be forced into acknowledgment? Or are the secrets so shocking and earth-shattering that they must be always remain hidden? Even in an age of infinite technology at your finger tips, your masters have always kept you in the dark.”

The Event

“It is time to watch this world burn – but from which vantage point? Will you be one of the taken, exited towards a new future to see it unfold at a safe distance, or one of those left behind to endure the event first hand because of negligence?”

Human Harvest

“Within the dream realm, those deserving of escape are meticulously chosen to be guided towards a new plane, leaving the physical form to be transported towards a new home before all is destroyed in the Event. Those who do not wake shall experience renewed life, while those who awaken are condemned to fully experience the damage they’ve caused onto the Earth.”


“All along, everything read and experienced within this album are those of premonitions experienced by a transdimensional entity travelling back to their realm. In transit they unintentionally become entangled in alternate timelines of humans and planet Earth. Through this they experience countless visions of humankind’s past, present, and future. Each vision, minus a small few, end in extinction, unless The Ascendants chose to intervene. This entity must make the choice to deliver these revelations viewed as a message in hopes of humanity making a change. Here is where our album Revelation truly begins, at its ending.”

Revelation is out now, via Sumerian Records, and available to download from iTunes.

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