VIDEO: When Nicky Horne met... Queen's Brian May: Parts 1-3


In the third part of Nicky Horne’s interview with Brian May for TeamRock, the guitarist talks about the passing of time, and about how a sense of mortality has driven his passion for animal rights.

“I think the Western world has gone a long way wrong by abusing animals of all kinds”, says May. “So I spend a lot of my time trying to change that. I’ve never been a political animal, but I move a lot in political circles. I maintain my neutrality fiercely, and I’m not going to join a political party: but we manoeuvre, we lobby, we try to open people’s eyes… and we spend a lot of our time in the House Of Commons doing that.”

Queen will perform a special show with Adam Lambert near Big Ben on New Year’s Eve, before playing seven arena shows in January. Queen Forever, an album containing Freddie Mercury’s final unheard works, was released in November.