My Favourite Horror Film: Anthrax

As it's Halloween and the night for sitting in, ignoring trick-or-treaters, and watching scary movies, we asked horror superfan Scott Ian why The Thing is his favourite fright flick.

“I’d say John Carpenter’s The Thing, just because I just think it’s the best on every level, be it the suspense, the horror, the effects, the acting, the writing,” says Scott.

And he’s right, the film is famed for its mutating/morphing effects that were created by a team of over 40 technicians. Just look at this!

“It was mind-blowing because you’d never seen anything like it before,” says Scott. “The effects that Rob Bottin did in that movie, you’d never seen anything like that, it was ground breaking.”

But there’s more to it that freaky effects and gnarled-up bastard dogs snapping at your face. Coming out back in 1982 it’s arguably Kurt Russell’s finest hour and has stood the test of time as being genuinely scary and not coming across like a Carry On film with gore.

“It’s just an incredible movie,” concludes Scott. “The sense of the claustrophobic suspense that he creates was just amazing, I was blown away by it. I just think it’s a perfect movie.”