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Metal Hammer's Tracks Of The Week

It was announced this week that Pope Francis (yes, the real life Pope) is going to release a prog record. We don’t actually know what to do with this information (it feels like something from a Big Train sketch), so we’re drowning out the thoughts of a Catholic keyboard solo with this heaviness…

Parkway Drive – Dying To Believe

Lewis Somerscales (Art Editor): “#flipstable”

Krysthla – Luminosity

Dom Lawson (Editor-At-Large): “A welcome and gloriously destructive return from some hairy ex-Gutworm dudes. Play loud and smash everything.”

Baroness – Chlorine And Wine

Merlin Alderslade (Deputy Editor): “An absolute beauty from one of the finest bands going.”

Cane Hill – OxBlood

Eleanor Goodman (Features Editor): “Nu-metal gets an unhinged and brutal update.”

Intronaut – Fast Worms

Jon Selzer (Reviews/Subterranea Editor): “A quantum leap for a band that were always pretty fascinating in the first place, and this track expands into so may dimensions you’ll be lucky if you can find your own bathroom afterwards.”

Parkway Drive – Bottom Feeder

Luke Morton (Online Editor): “Bang your fucking heads and scream until blood comes out. This is rage.”

And in honour of Cliff Burton, who died 29 years ago today…