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Live Preview: Wilson

Wilson debuted in the UK a year ago supporting Halestorm. How was that? It was among the best experiences of my life. For a bunch of buttheads from Detroit to be accepted so wholeheartedly across the pond, it exceeded our wildest dreams. It was wild.

Don’t you also have a stage trick that involves playing beer bottles with different amounts of liquid in them?

Yeah, but I can’t promise that I’ll be doing that again. We always try to give people something a little extra to remember us by. It isn’t only about the songs.

And yet less than six months ago you told Classic Rock that while you still like “titties and beer”, the band have grown up a little.

I still adore those things, but it’s important for us to know that Wilson isn’t a joke band. We just like to have fun.

The Classic Rock review suggested that your current album, Right To Rise, sounds like Rage Against The Machine meets Airbourne. Is that a compliment?

It was one of my favourite reviews of the record. And of course those comparisons are welcomed. I’m very proud that you guys at Classic Rock get it.

Who is the opening act on this UK tour?

A British band called Reigning Days, plus a local support at each show.

For someone who’s never seen a Wilson show before, what should they expect?

The best Friday night that they’ll ever experience – whether it’s a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or whatever.

The last date is Southampton on March 3.

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