Live preview: Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers’s biography begins with the words: “Whiskey Myers makes honest music.”

Oh, I don’t know. We write about some real-life shit, which people seem to dig. We can’t stand fakery, auto-tuning or over-production.

**Who or what was Whiskey Myers? **

He was a mythical Mexican fighting rooster. He was bad-ass.

**You made it into a recent Playboy magazine round-up of what it called ‘the new bad boys of country rock”. **

I always wanted to be in that magazine.

**If there’s an actual scene you’re part of, who else should we be listening out for?

For starters there’s Turnpike Troubadors, from Oklahoma, and Dirty River Boys, who were also in that article.

Are Whiskey Myers a country band with rock overtones, or the other way around?

We’re just boys from the woods trying to play rock’n’roll. We like both genres.

There’s an interesting quote from that Playboy story: “We sing about drinking, but there are other reasons people drink. It’s not always a party.”

We don’t mind writing about darker stuff. It’s about real-life situations.

Is there a new album on the way?

Yeah. It’s being mixed today. Hopefully it’ll be out in May or June in the States. It’s called Mud.

You must take heart from the way that The Cadillac Three and Blackberry Smoke have caught on here in the UK.

Absolutely. We couldn’t be any more excited to come over and play some rock‘n’roll for y’all. You’re gonna dig it.

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