Live Preview: Doro

Tomorrow you fly to Brazil for the Rock In Rio Festival and a guest appearance with local band Angra.

What happens after this anniversary tour?

We are already working on a new album, and there’s going to be a DVD in March.

There are far more women in metal bands these days. Did you play a part in breaking down those barriers?

I hear that a lot, and it’s fantastic, but I’m not comfortable talking about it. It really doesn’t matter where you’re from or if you’re a man or a woman – just do what you feel.

Your song You’re My Family honours your relationship with your fans. As a single lady of a certain age, do you sometimes ponder sacrifices made?

No. It feels like a deeper connection than with a husband or a boyfriend. Of course it can get lonely on a tour bus or in a hotel room, or when a tour ends, but on the whole I’m very happy. I still wake up each morning and think: “Man, how can I make the fans happy?”

And there are no plans to stop?

No! I’m going to do this until the day I die. I’ll probably die on stage or something.

Could you still be doing this and wearing those leather outfits at sixty?

Yes. I keep my body in good shape. I’m a big fan of martial arts – they give such a great workout for the body and the mind.

Which actress would you like to play you in the story of your life?

Ziyi Zhang has been in martial arts movies. She doesn’t look like me but she’d still do a great job.

The first of Doro’s three UK shows is in Norwich on November 20.

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