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London riffslingers Steak are unleashing their new album No God To Save on May 19, and it’s being streamed exclusively with Metal Hammer right now!

Recorded at Titan Studios in Watford by Steve Sears, vocalist Reece Tee describes the record as “our biggest sounding album to date.”

Brimming with doom-ridden fuzziness and hypnotic sludge, Reece tells Hammer that it was essential for No God To Save to represent the band’s live sound, which some of their other releases fail to do.

“This one nails it for sure and we are very proud of it,” he says. “There are some great tracks here that will stay in the set for a long time.”

To provide a deeper insight into the album, we also asked Reece for a track-by-track break down of No God To Save.


“This is one of our favourite tracks on the album. It builds nicely from a heavy, slow start to a crushingly heavy riff in the middle. The transitions between the riffs show a nice progression for the band, and the song as a whole has a nice balance to it. Definitely some of our best work to date.”

Coke Dick

“Other than a great name, this song was one of the first written for the new album. It’s 100% a riff-driven Steak song, made to make heads rock.”


“Definitely a departure from anything we have done before. This song came from a great bass line, and the killer vocal on there it gives the album a nice change in pace from the full-throttle riffs that we are so associated with.”

King Lizard

“This song is along the lines of previous tracks like Machine and Rising, with plenty of space between the riffs to give the parts a bigger effect when they come in. A great vocal on the chorus here, too.”

Living Like A Rat

“Another favourite in the Steak camp. This is all about the vocal and that huge chorus – it sounds massive and heavy as hell. “


Mountain is a meandering journey through building riffs and a break in the middle that builds with the vocal before dropping to a Sabbath-inspired end.”

Rough House

“This track changes the pace and the vibe of the album again, and shows a different side to the band. It’s a heavy track with a melodic vocal that gives something different.”


“Based around two riffs, simple and driving and purposely not doing to much to the track to complicate it. Sometimes things just need to be simple!”


“This track started out as an instrumental and there was debate within the band about whether or not it should have vocals or not, but it worked out really well. A great vocal and heavy riff to end the song.”

The Ebb

“We liked the idea of ending the album like the credits to a film and The Ebb does the job. It’s the chill time after the onslaught of riffs!”

No God To Save is on sale May 19 via Ripple Music, and is available to pre-order now.

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