Lamb Of God: From the basement to arenas

With the end of the year approaching fast metal fans are traditionally blessed with a plethora of gigs to attend during the winter months. But if there is one tour that stands out from any other hitting the United Kingdom over this oh-so busy period, then it’s surely Megadeth heading out on an arena run with Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom and Sylosis.

“It’s certainly a great bill for the fans,” says Lamb Of God’s guitarist Mark Morton, in agreement with the many excited folk punching the air at such an incredible line up. “It’s been about ten years since we last toured with Megadeth, so that’s exciting to be heading out with them again. And we have a lot of history with both Children Of Bodom and Sylosis, we had quite a lot to say with the bands that were coming out with us so to get those two was the perfect outcome for us.”

Another element thrown into this mix is that LOG’s drummer Chris Adler is pulling a double shift for the two main bands. Having gone on record for many years now as saying Megadeth were his favourite band of all time, Mark must presumably be happy to see his bandmate reach such a personal pinnacle as playing with his heroes.

“Oh yeah, Chris has said plenty of times that they are his favourite band of all time,” Mark says. “So we’re all proud and pleased that he’s been able to do that, and I know there was some discussion from fans about how it was going to go down logistically when he was meant to be in two bands at the same time. So for us it made sense to tour together, and it’s another win win situation for anyone who buys a ticket.”

And if there is a problem with Adler moonlighting for Megadeth within the LOG camp, Mark’s keeping it very well hidden.

“No, it’s no problem at all!” he laughs. “We all need time off to do our own things, many different things. It’s just when we come home from tour and concentrate on other things Chris goes out and tours with Megadeth. That’s his choice and it’s been really easy to work out so far.”

This tour will see Lamb Of God playing the historic Wembley Arena for the second time in their career – quite a feat for a band so extreme – and it’s something that no one ever could have predicted 15 years ago.

“When we were Burn The Priest and were playing those tiny basement shows? Hell no!” Mark exclaims. “I think that we would have been idiotic to even have contemplated something like that, it wasn’t ever even on our radar. It’s quite an incredible thing that we have managed to build up a following to the stage where we can go and play a venue like that. But if we had ever have put that into the game plan then I don’t think it would have worked out for us, we did what we felt artistically rather than to try and become a ‘big band’. It’s amazing to have had this level of success when you consider where we came from.”

You’d imagine then, that Lamb Of God don’t foresee a day when they can headline a venue that size or a festival bill that they are tantalisingly within touching distance of.

“Oh well now it’s different,” counters Mark, “because we have done so many of those things of a similar nature that I can envisage a day might come, if we make the right record at the right time and continue to do what we do, that maybe that could happen. But I won’t strive for it, because that would be dishonest, we’ll just continue to do things in the way that we feel is right and see.”

And if they don’t, tours like this are more than enough for metal fans around the globe.

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Lamb Of God are touring the UK with Megadeth, Children Of Bodom and Sylosis at the following dates:

12 November: O2 Apollo, Manchester
14 November: The SSE Arena, Wembley
15 November: O2 Academy, Birmingham

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