Lacuna Coil's Andrea talks horror films

It's always hard to make a list of something that you really love because it will always be incomplete, anyway I tried my best to make a good selection of personal favourites that I grew up with and some most recent standouts. In my opinion, these films are a must see for any cinema fan. Enjoy and watch!

Suspiria (1977)

A weird coloured nightmare by our Italian Maestro Dario Argento. A tale of witchcraft that takes place in a ballet academy in Germany controlled by a Black Queen. It’s a fairy tale gone wrong, with lots of murders and a fantastic soundtrack by Goblin.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Mr Freddy Krueger is an evil from another world with sharp blades attached to his fingers who gets his victims by entering their dreams. A great concept with one of the strongest characters in horror history!

The Evil Dead (1981)

Five vacationing college kids make an unplanned stop in a mountain cabin surrounded by impenetrable woods. They come across an ancient book, the Sumerian “Book Of The Dead” full of incantations used to bring the dead back to life. it was Sam Raimi’s first attempt in horror and became a classic right away, it’s low-budget but really intense with a lot of gore scenes and a comic book feel to it.

The Descent (2005)

An expedition gone wrong – a group of female friends find themselves trapped in a dark cave and hunted by something in the shadows. A very claustrophobic movie and sadistically effective! It will leave you with an uncomfortable feeling.

The Orphanage (2007)

This one belongs to the “Creepy kids talking with the dead” kinda horror but it’s really well done, elegant and full of suspense. Director Juan Antonio Bayona did well to slowly build the tension up to a climax. These kids are scary!

Splice (2009)

It’s a sci-fi horror film where two scientists experiment blending human and animal DNA, creating something that is not quite human in the process. In Splice the boundaries of science are questioned while the plot will take you straight to hell! No happy endings!