Italy's sludge psychonauts Nibiru unveil their terrifying new album, Salbrox

Nibiru prom pic 2019

For those of the hardiest sonic constitutions, and willingness to step through the looking glass into realms where no compass can guide you other than the most primal residue of being lurking in some festering recess of your humanity, Italy’s Nibiru have established themselves as the ground zero for the kind of torturous, transformative experience that gives full meaning to the term ‘committed’.

Heading out further into the sanity-trading far reaches of enlightenment, the trio are about to unveil their fifth album, Salbrox, via Ritual Productions on May 10. It’s another collections of rites and unspeakable wrongness - unless, like Nibiru, you speak Enochian, the language of angels uncovered by 16th-century alchemist John Dee. Not so much a heavenly, ethereal lilt, its guttural, incantatory nature is akin to fracking consciousness - a corrosive substance prying out buried psychic treasure. Amidst drawn-out whorls of guitar as hospitable as a dust storm on Jupiter, and exerting an ever-increasing gravitational pull, Salbrox is terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure, and for the most intrepid souls amongst you, we are previewing it in its full, grace-of-God-be-damned glory.

“We are excited to finally present to you our new record, Salbrox,” say the band themselves. “This is not just music but a real journey; at the end you will find the most intimate and hidden part of yourself, spitting out its rules in your face, without pity. An alienating experience of deep and real emotional freedom, for better or worse. Listening to it, living it, it’s the only way to internalise it, so turn up the volume and let yourself be carried away by our rite of passage. You will find yourself a stranger in your own world.”

So without further ado, drag yourself across the threshold and enter the enthralling world of Salbrox below!

The vinyl edition of Salbrox is available for pre-order now here

Digital versions will be available at midnight, May 10 here and the CD version will be available soon

Visit Nibiru's Facebook page here!

Jonathan Selzer

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