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In pictures: Download Festival reacts to the general election

Hulk Hogan and Mr T
Hulk Hogan and Mr T

As the sun rose (and thankfully stayed blazing) over the first day of Download festival 2017, bleary-eyed revellers were all asking one question - ‘Why did I drink that much last night?’

Another question, of course, was ‘WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON WITH THE GOVERNMENT NOW?!’

We have no idea, but at the time of writing it looks like the Tories are forming a coalition with the DUP, which has confused and amused people in equal measure. And none moreso than the thousands of people currently shacking up at Castle Donington for three days of the biggest and baddest names in rock and metal.

But what do the rock contingent actually think about the result of the general election? To find out, we armed ourselves with a whiteboard and pen to get people’s succinct opinions. Some of it sweary, some of it angry, a lot of it apathetic to the state of UK politics.

Here is what Download festival thinks about the general election.

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Dave thinks it's shit. And needs more beer.

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The man known as Carl thinks they're all twats.

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Karol and Milena aren't convinced anything has been achieved.

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Tiny The Mountie reckons it's all a bit boring.

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There's always one. C-Dog obviously forgot to arrange her postal vote.

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Rob presumably slept through all the action.

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To the point from BA Baracus.

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Fred's colourful gang aren't fond of any politician.

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Unsurprisingly, the Corbyn-shirted Mike isn't a Tory.

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Steampunk Pikachu Andy remembers the song everyone was singing in the Download party tent on Thursday night.

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