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How Show4me are bringing the rock community to the palm of your hand

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For rock fans, community is everything. It’s the comparing of t-shirts, skull rings and bullet-belts. It’s the hot tips and personal recommendations that send you racing down the next rabbit hole of inspiration. But no mainstream social platform has ever managed to capture the buzz of a rock bar on a Friday night. Instead, you’ll be bombarded with distracting ads and non-music posts – while being kept at arm’s length from your favourite artists.       

Show4me (opens in new tab) is different. Launched in 2015, this dedicated music interaction network has broken down the barriers that keep fans and musicians apart, putting all that community spirit into the palm of your hand, wherever you are in the world. You can subscribe, follow and interact with your favourite artists. Discover and attend fan-only events online (opens in new tab). Find and listen to music in any genre. Connect with indie musicians. Buy gig tickets and records. Imagine a virtual version of the Rainbow Bar & Grill in Los Angeles, and you’re getting close to the Show4me vibe. 

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It’s been a tough year for rock fans denied their regular spot down the front. But the power of music is greater than any pandemic. On November 23rd, just when we need that sense of togetherness more than ever, Show4me is set to unveil a newly redesigned platform and a range of fresh features. It couldn’t be easier to navigate online or via the free mobile app for Android and iOS – and it’s absolutely ad-free.

The first quantum leap is the improved concert feature. You’ve probably caught a few live-streamed gigs since the pandemic began. But you’ve never experienced anything quite like the interactive fan-only concerts at Show4me. Building on the platform’s popular ticketed livestream concerts, you’ll now get the buzz of knowing you’re one of the lucky few in attendance – and will even be able to comment directly to the performer in real-time, requesting your favourite songs or a personal shout-out. The only way to get closer would be a stage invasion.

In the year when live music stopped, you might come to Show4me for those exclusive concerts (opens in new tab) – but you’ll stick around for all the other great features this unique online music hub has to offer. Maybe you’ll subscribe to your favourite musician’s Artistclub: a dedicated space where you can comment and get replies, get the latest updates, crowdfund projects, hear new music first and get a head-start on ticket sales for online or face-to-face concerts. Whether you’re a DIY band building an audience or a hardcore fan who wants to get closer, Artistclubs (opens in new tab) are the place to be. Plus, a premium annual subscription is just $1 – unless you choose to pay more with Show4me’s new tipping tool.  

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Maybe you’ll dig into Show4me’s newly introduced charts feature (opens in new tab), with new tracks specially curated by the platform’s expert editorial team, to make sure the best music gets to your ears. Or perhaps you’ll dive into the web’s most sociable music network, meeting like-minded music fans who end up being your new bandmates. With a free-flowing new platform design that promotes relaxed interactions, and an ad-free mobile app that lets you carry your world in your pocket, Show4me is the ultimate musicians’ hangout online. 

To discover more, visit Show4me's official site (opens in new tab). The free Show4me app is available now for download in the App Store (opens in new tab) and Google Play (opens in new tab)

Henry Yates

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