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How did Metal Allegiance come together?

The world’s heaviest supergroup Metal Allegiance have just released their debut self-titled album, but how did it all start?

In the below video, we find out how Alex Skolnick (Testament), Andreas Kisser (Sepultura) and Mark Osegueda (Death Angel) joined the Metal Allegiance alongside Randy Blythe, Matt Heafy, Phil Anselmo and more.

There are differing stories about how various members became involved in the project, some involve the Motörhead Motörboat, some involved Metal Hammer photographer Stephanie Cabral, some involve massive jam sessions – but one thing is for certain, everyone in Metal Allegiance slays and you should probably listen to the debut album. They’re already writing the second one!

Get the full story on Metal Allegiance from the people that make it happen, including mastermind Mark Menghi in the new issue of Metal Hammer in stores now! Or you can download the interactive digital edition for your iPhone and iPad or Android device.

Or read it on TeamRock+ below.

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