Horseneck: Tune in and freak out

When it comes to rocking out, Horseneck don’t rein it in
When it comes to rocking out, Horseneck don\u2019t rein it in

Rock’n’roll isn’t rocket science, but it can still blow your mind. Californian quartet Horseneck make no bones about their enthusiasm for higher planes of consciousness on debut album Heavy Trip, a monstrous explosion of stoner rock belligerence, skewed psychedelic freakouts and lethal, oddball hooks. At the heart of the band’s sound, however, lies a simple desire to rock the fuck out.

“I wouldn’t call us a psychedelic band, but I think we have aspects of that,” says vocalist/guitarist Anthony Paganelli. “When I was starting the band I knew I wanted it to be heavy and riffy with a strong rock vibe. The album artwork has a psychedelic influence to it, and we are fans of altered states, ha ha! We’ve been known to get weird on occasion.”

With past and current members of Will Haven and Chelsea Wolfe in their ranks, it’s no surprise that Horseneck’s sound is hard to define and draws from disparate influences. One obvious highlight of the band’s new album is the relatively straightforward Michael Caine, a pummelling anthem that comes replete with a highly amusing video featuring the band in animal costumes and on a surreal, drunken rampage. Intriguingly, the song doesn’t appear to have anything to do with the legendary actor…

“While we were writing it, Lance [Jackman, guitarist/vocalist] was watching a video of people reading the words ‘my cocaine’. They would ask why, and the person filming it said it was how Michael Caine says his name. The lyrics to the song were about my feelings on really hard party nights, when you take it too far, and do way too much. So instead of calling it ‘My Cocaine’ we decided on Michael Caine.”

Right now, however, Horseneck are enjoying a more natural rush. Heavy Trip looks like being one of the stoner rock albums of the year, which means that Anthony and his bandmates should be able to continue their hard rocking mission for a good while yet.

“We are on a high now,” says the frontman. “The album’s coming out and people are digging it. It’s been a long road to get here. We’ve had lows, like any band. We’ve played to no one, and to people who don’t want to listen. It’s all part of the process. We’re just getting started. You just ride the wave and hope you don’t get kicked off too soon!”

Heavy Trip is available now

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