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Here's a man playing Korn with corn

Man playing Korn with corn

It had to happen, didn't it? It was always going to happen. As sure as the sun will rise and the moon will shine, someone on the internet will play Korn songs using actual corn. It's frankly amazing that it's taken this long for someone to ruin a perfectly good corn on the cob by slamming it into their bass strings for five minutes, but YouTuber Davie504 (opens in new tab) has finally made it a reality.

Playing his way through Korn classics Falling Away From Me, Freak On A Leash, Coming Undone and Here To Stay, Davie utilises a popcorn pick, corn drumsticks and even a corn bass pedal prove to the world that corn can play Korn.

What are we even writing for. You're not reading this, you're watching the silly man do silly things with corn in the video below aren't you?