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Heavy Metal World Cup: Babymetal vs Immortal

Babymetal vs Immortal

We're almost there, folks! The first semi-final of the Heavy Metal World Cup 2018 is upon us, and it's Babymetal (representing Japan) versus Immortal (representing Norway). 

Both teams have fended off some stiff competition to get this far with Babymetal defeating Alestorm and Within Temptation in the previous rounds, and Immortal beating Gojira and Myrkur.

But how do they match up against each other? Let's take a look at the stats.


Members: 3 (sort of)
Albums: 2
Genre: Kawaii metal
Biggest Song: Gimme Chocolate
Most Likely To: Worship the Fox God


Members: 2
Albums: 8
Genre: Black metal
Biggest Song: All Shall Fall
Most Likely To: Start a snowball fight

Who do you want to win? The poll below is open for 24 hours. Go go go!