Heavy Metal Halloween: Rob Halford


Halloween is coming on Friday and you're nowhere near ready are you? Of course you're not, you're just like us and lazy. But don't worry, we've come up with a fool-proof plan to look like Rob Halford using Pritt Stick and a cat.

What You’ll Need

A leather jacket (get one from a charity shop otherwise you’ll have to spend BUCKS) Tipp-Ex Aviators Black jeans Army boots White paint Pritt Stick A ginger cat

What You’ll Need To Do

Cut the sleeves off the leather jacket, then cut the forearms off the sleeves Put the sleeveless jacket on Put the lower sleeves on Dot the jacket and sleeves with Tipp-Ex (Magic! You’re covered in studs!) Put your black jeans on and paint white reflections on them to make them look like leather (real leather trousers are too expensive) Put your army boots on (on your feet, not anywhere else) Put your sunglasses on Take the ginger cat, shave it, and glue its fur onto your mouth area, making sure you don’t get any in your mouth (unless you like that sort of thing)

There you have it – you’re now Rob Halford!

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