Heavy Metal Halloween: Lemmy


YOU'VE ONLY GOT TWO DAYS TO GO 'TIL HALLOWEEN! So you should probably stop reading this and sort your costume out. But then again we're giving you costume ideas so you should probably stay... here's how to look like Motörhead general Lemmy for a couple of quid.

What You’ll Need

A black shirt Black jeans Two pieces of corn A necklace of dubious iconography A hat (take your choice, really, as long as it’s got a brim) A big belt with a huge buckle (you probably bought one when you were a teenager) Black paint A pair of white wellington boots

What You’ll Need To Do

Spend the previous two days before you need to wear the costume screaming, this will ensure that your voice is as gruff as Vin Diesel after smoking 30 fags Put the shirt on Put the jeans on Put the necklace on Put the white wellington boots on but paint black stars on the front Put the hat on (on top of your head, not the bottom of it) Put the giant belt on Glue the two pieces of corn to your left cheek

There you have it – you’re now Lemmy!

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