Heavy Metal Halloween: Angus Young


Holy shit it's Halloween tomorrow – WHY HAVEN'T YOU SORTED ANYTHING?! Don't worry, we're here to help you with this guide to becoming AC/DC's Angus Young using your old school uniform and some imagination.

What You’ll Need

Your old school uniform Some plimsolls Baby oil A leg that likes stamping up and down An extremely malleable face

What You’ll Need To Do

Find your old school uniform (marvel at how much of a huge beast you now are) Shake your head at the mere thought of getting that tiny uniform on Cover yourself in baby oil Use the lubrication to force on your microscopic school clothes No, keep going, you can get it on Come on, get those shorts on. There we go Next, stamp around the shop like some sort of human pneumatic drill Pull as many weird faces as you can whilst banging your head back and forwards and sweating profusely

There you have it – you’re now Angus Young!

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