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GALLERY: Slipknot live at Rock On The Range 2015

Closing the first night of Rock On The Range are one of the biggest bands on the planet right now – Slipknot!

Doing it the only way the Nine know how to do it; there’s fire, a mesmerising lightshow, drums high in the air and a giant fucking goat head at the back of the stage overseeing the carnage below. And Ohio know how to unleash hell with pits opening up and down the soccer field as Slipknot blister through a career-spanning set including The Devil In I, Wait And Bleed, Duality and Psychosocial.

They headline festivals all over the world but each one is as special as the last. Few bands can achieve the absolute ecstasy Slipknot invoke on a crowd and if you don’t believe us, we’ve got a load of pics to prove it:

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All photos by Stephanie Cabral

Luke Morton
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