Dragged Into Sunlight's Top Death Metal Bands

Looking for some new artists from the ever-expanding world of death metal? Well the supreme racket-makers Dragged Into Sunlight have picked their ten bands to look out for right now.


The brainchild from Dave Suzuki and Ray Mcaffrey of Vital Remains and Grief fame respectively, think Entombed and Crowbar in a knife fight, with a lot of slow, crushing, blackened, raw and everything else piled on top, one to keep an eye out for in 2015.


No strangers to the thriving underground scene and slashing through a wide range of influence drowned in HM2 drive. Suitable for disciples of Asphyx and Demigod.


Realistically, 90% of death metal lacks a pulse. Auroch are sort of like Gorguts and Cryptopsy – the level of musicianship here is intense, totally unsettling from start to finish.


Domains from Spain have recently pressed a slab of classic but nevertheless concrete to head skull-fucking brutality with this year’s Sinister Ceremonies. It’s just fucking cold man, and rife, the same feeling as Austere where you want to stop listening, because it hurts, but you can’t, because it’s good. With leads akin to Altars Of Madness, you would be advised to hide the blunt instruments for fear of smashing everything you own.


Finnish death/doomsters Swallowed delivered one of 2014’s big hitters with Lunarterial’s grinding, filth driven guitars intertwined with rabid vocals, everything is balls to the wall and a definite for fans of Beherit.


Horrendous made a racket with their debut The Chills, a relatively well-crafted homage to the Swedish old school, 2014’s Ecdysis is ten times the beast. Sure, there’s a bit of possibly unnecessary prog in the sound alongside a tidal wave of Gotherburg, but then you have this diverse and insane collaboration between Swano and Schuldiner going off, so it’s all relative.


A lot of bands talk about being to the point, but Gravecrusher genuinely are. Inspired by an early 90s sound, Gravecrusher will no doubt be standing amidst the smashed tombstones of coattail riders.


Transcending riffs, unconventional and spiralling death metal, influences of post-metal, whatever that is, sludge, doom, black metal, Bölzer are truly one of kind. They make you want to ride a stallion into the abyss. Quite possibly, the best thing Switzerland has produced since cheese with holes – or failing that, at least Celtic Frost.


The full length Unending Degradation features repeated nods to classic Convulse whilst also incorporating a low end groove reminiscent of bands such as Cianide, the bass reaches down your throat and rips through your guts.

Impetuous Ritual

Featuring members of Portal, one can only expect lumbering drone accompanied by shrieking trauma, ultimately ending in a one way trip to a complete plot loss. Fuck it, carve your name in the wall and tie yourself a noose, game over.