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Dissecting Chris Motionless's Brain

We dissected Chris Motionless's brain and here's what we found...

Horror Movies (27%)

“You can laugh at them, you can be scared or they can totally fuck with your head. Horror movies let you experience this abstract world.”

The Great Outdoors (14%)

“Being from Pennsylvania, I’ve come to really appreciate the backwoods life. I’m not a redneck by any means, but I appreciate the relaxation in sitting outside and being around trees, grass and lakes.”

National Hockey League (22%)

“I’m super, super into hockey and the NHL. I’ve liked it since I was a kid. I’m really into going to games, supporting my teams and just being a superfan.”

Pizza (5%)

“There’s nothing better than pizza. I see t-shirts all over the place now with pizzas and pentagrams and things like ‘Eat pizza, worship Satan’. It’s funny how food can be trendy like that.”

Family (16%)

“Whenever I’m home I go to lunch with my mom and I visit my sister and we go to movies, hang out and just shoot the shit.”

Yoga (7%)

“l’ve just introduced myself to the painful world of yoga. I’ve heard that yoga is more of a workout than doing weights and I really love how healthy it makes me feel.”

Tattoos (9%)

“I’m very into tattoos. As I get older it hurts more, but that doesn’t mean it’s only something I wanted to do when I was 18. It’s still an ongoing interest.”

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