Dead Rising 4 shuffling to PC and Xbox One in time for Christmas

Dead Rising 4

In one of the better-kept secrets in the build-up to E3 Capcom unveiled Dead Rising 4 during the Xbox E3 press conference.

Dead Rising 4 will see the return of the photojournalist hero of the first game Frank West as he smashes his way through another horde of the undead with improvised modded weaponry.

The game also adds new EXO Suits which are powered armour suits that will give Frank an extra edge over the multitudes of shambling zombies aiming to tear him limb from limb and devour his flesh. With new classes of zombies Frank will need that extra power combined with more weapon crafting options than ever before.

Dead Rising 4 is set to bludgeon its way onto Windows 10 PC and Xbox One around Christmas time of this year.