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Crazy Town play Butterfly on kids' instruments

Crazy Town on kids' instruments

If there's one thing you know about Crazy Town, you know the song Butterfly. Don't even pretend you don't – it was everywhere in the early noughties. You just couldn't move for their topless, tattooed bodies dancing in the shrubbery.

And now Crazy Town have reinvented that hit for a new generation of kids – by playing it on their school's instruments! 

Posted on Crazy Town's Facebook page (opens in new tab) while at the Nova Rock festival, the band say "This happens when you leave crazy town with some school instruments". 

Certain commenters on the band's post weren't exactly enamoured with the band's reimagining of the nu-metal classic, with Pascal Vugts remarking "Sometimes it’s just better to not post your vid online" and Dano Phillips replying "I'm watching a midlife crisis, let's be honest."

What do you think about the cover? Check it out below!