Brunhilde: "We want to provoke!"

(Image credit: Brunhilde)

Meet Caro and Kurt BauereiB, aka German alternative metal duo Brunhilde. Their brand-new album To Cut A Long Story Short is produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, famed for his worked with the likes of Motorhead, Blind Guardian and Helloween among others, and features contributions from former Blind Guardian bassist Oliver Holzwarth.

But don't go thinking To Cut A Long Story Short is cookie-cutter German metal. This is a band who want to mix genres and push buttons.

Do they even care about commercial success?

Kurt: "The first step is doing our own music, our own style."

Caro: "We do what we want."

Kurt: "We do what we want and I would like to provoke. Caroline would to provoke with her lyrics and I would like to provoke with my licks. The commercial thing is important but..."

We talk about the band's previous success, including a top ten hit in their native Germany’s iTunes chart, and where they hope this record will take them in the future, the influences of every facet of rock and metal culture on their new, hybrid sound and how the traditional sound of their homeland didn’t play a part in the creation of the new album, as the band instead focused on creating a universal sounding record. 

We also hear how the duo intend to use their platform for both education and provocation, with both their strong stance on anti-fascism and their use of music as a means to shock, surprise and inspire people. The band began their assault on eardrums by shooting a video for the album's lead track Where Are You Going? Which featured an appearance from The Bloodhound Gangs Evil Jared Hasselhoff. To Cut A Long Story Short is destined to be Brunhilde’s breakthrough album, turning them into one of the scenes premier punk-metal crossover artists.

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