Job For A Cowboy, Dying Wish, Nervosa and more: here are the best new metal songs from the week that you need in your life

This week's best new singles
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It's September?! How in the blue hell did that happen? Anyway, it's Friday, so you can numb the pain of realising that another summer of festivals is over by diving into the best new metal songs that have been unleashed upon an unsuspecting public this week.

Last time out, metalcore veterans Of Mice & Men came out on top in style, with their earmworm of an anthem Castaway being voted the best new song of the week by a very healthy margin. Well done to you, lads! Pop that bubbly!

This week, we've got fresh metal cuts from across the spectrum that include some returning deathcore favourites, some ferocious metalcore, big fuzzy riffs, Brazilian thrash and much more. You know how this works by now: check out this week's best new metal songs below, and then pop back up to the top of the page to vote for your fave. See you next week, yeah?

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Job For A Cowboy - The Agony Seeping Storm

They're baaaaa-aaaack! Beloved deathcore heroes Job For A Cowboy have returned after eight years out of the game to drop a brand new, glorious slab of guttural death metal riffage and bowel-churningly heavy breakdowns. The Agony Seeping Storm will be followed by an as-yet-untitled new album somewhere down the line, so if you like what you're hearing here, there's plenty more to come. 

Dying Wish - Lost In The Fall

Few young bands are putting out as perfectly realised bursts of savagely heavy but epically catchy metalcore as Dying Wish. Smashing new single Lost In The Fall bodes well for upcoming new album Symptoms of Survival, which lands on November 3 on Sharptone Records. Dying Wish singer Emma Boster is currently in recovery from a hand operation after, get this, a glass shower door exploded on her while she was staying at a hotel. Metal as fuck, but also pretty scary, we reckon. Get well soon, Emma! 

Nervosa - Jailbreak

With previous album Perpetual Chaos taking them to heavyweight metal festivals across Europe, Brazilian thrash heroes Nervosa are finally getting the wider recognition they deserve. That's only going to continue with killer new single Jailbreak, taken from the upcoming new studio album of the same name. If you love your thrash with an extra dose of savagery, this is the song - and, indeed, the band - for you. Lovely stuff. 

Holy Wars - Deus Ex Machina

Mashing up scrappy metalcore with frenetic edm, LA duo Holy Wars will strike a chord with fans of everyone from Crossfaith and Enter Shikari to Wargasm. Riotous new single Deus Ex Machina comes with a rollercoaster of a video (almost literally, at one point), that looks like the kind of fever dream you might have after a long evening drinking and watching those weird late night horrors on the Sy Fy channel. That's a compliment, by the way. 

Gutslit - Altar Of Putridity

Packng snarling, rumbling death metal from Mumbai, this quartet have been ploughing away at their particular brand of horrible noise for 15 years now, but are finally started to get some serious appreciation from outside their homeland. Altar Of Putridity is carved from latest album Carnal, which is out now. It comes with a freshly dropped, angry-as-hell new video, too!

Cellar Twins - Edge Of Life

Merging rollocking rock 'n' roll with straight-up heavy metal thunder, Belgian mob Cellar Twins made plenty of friends when dropping their acclaimed debut album Duality back in 2019. Now they're back with more of the same, teased here with thumping new single Edge Of Life. Pour yourself a Lemmy and bang that head: sometimes all you need are some cracking riffs and an earworm of a chorus. 

Hinayana - Reverse The Code

If the idea of someone taking the masterful melodeath of Dark Tranquillity and infusing it with an extra sweep of grandiosity, then do we have the band for you! Hailing from the melodic death metal capital of *checks notes* Austin, Texas, Hinayana have released the first preview of upcoming new studio album Shatter And Fall, and it's a cracker. Wrap your ears around Reverse The Code below.

Omnivortex - Of Aeons Past

If Lovecraftian technical death metal is more your speed, you might want to check out the brutalising new single from Finnish squad Omnivortex, taken from their upcoming new studio album, Circulate. "Musically, the song is all about fast paced spider riffs, slap bass, endless blasting, and terrifying monster voices. As it should be," say the band in a statement accompanying the release of Of Aeons Past. We couldn't have said it better ourselves!

Disguised Malignance - Unearthly Extinction

Oh, look! More Finnish death metal inspired by Lovecraft! That fella has a lot of blastbeats to answer for. Anyhoo, this lot are a little less tongue-in-cheek and a little more full-throttle than Omnivortex, throwing out the kind of guttural, grimy devastation that fans of the likes of Tomb Mold and Blood Incantation will appreciate. Unearthly Extinction comes from the band's new album, Entering The Gateways, out on September 29. 

Amongst Liars - The Shameful

Mixing riffy, Southern metal with lashings of alt rock, grunge and punk, Amongst Liars make music perfect to start a bar fight to (we don't recommend you do, though). Surprisingly given the whisky-drenched vibes of their music, this four-piece don't even hail from the US, but actually reside down the South Coast of England in Brighton. Anyway, The Shameful is a full-on, groove-riddled blast of fuzzy noise that'll get you right in the mood for the weekend. Or a bar fight. Once again, don't actually try the latter, please.

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