The 10 best new metal songs you need to hear this week

Rammstein/League Of Distortion/Heck/Death Pill/Zetra
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The US might be just coming round from their Turkey-induced food comas after Thanksgiving, but it's still all-go in the music world this week as we bring you new singles from Rammstein, Electric Callboy and Spiritworld (among others).

But first, the results of last week's vote! Repeating their landslide win with their comeback single Divine Attack, Babymetal once again prove they have one of the most passionate fanbases on the planet. But a special shoutout should go to newcomers Blackbriar and nu metal favourites Disturbed, who both similarly pulled well ahead of the competition for second and third place, respectively. 

As ever, this week we've assembled a diverse spread of musical goodies for your listening pleasure. There's an epic new video from Rammstein, a surprisingly straight-faced one from Electric Callboy and utter trolling in the form of a comeback from UK post-hardcore/mathcore heroes Heck. We've also got plenty of fresh faces and names in this week's roster, so don't forget to use the vote below to tell us who you're most excited about!

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Rammstein - Adieu

The epic closing track on Rammstein’s latest album Zeit, Adieu was always going to need a spectacularly cinematic video to match the sheer scale of the song. Thankfully, Rammstein have more than delivered in that department this year and Adieu’s mix Matrix-like sci-fi visuals, almost renaissance paintings and straight-up muck perfectly matches the massive stomp of the song’s main riff (which has more than a shade of Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir to it). If this is the last single from Zeit, Rammstein have certainly gone out on an epic high.   

Electric Callboy - Mindreader

Sticking to Germany for a moment, Electric Callboy have released a music video for the raging Mindreader. It’s a marked departure from the OTT fun of Pump It or Hypa Hypa, but Mindreader shows the band can go blow-for-blow with any other band on the planet, little infusions of eurodance-style electronica putting their distinctive stamp on the style that highlights how they’ve become ascendant metalcore stars. 

Host - Hiding From Tomorrow

T’is the season for goth it seems, as goth metal godfathers Nick Holmes and Greg Mackintosh have teamed up to create new project Host. Named for Paradise Lost’s somewhat-controversial 1999 album, Host is all about embracing gothic tones whilst mixing in tones of electronica that, in retrospect, feel decidedly in keeping with synthwave. Holmes and Mackintosh have long been masters of gothic splendour, so no surprise Hiding From Tomorrow nails some fragile, beautiful melodies across its runtime, getting us plenty excited for their debut IX, which is due on February 24.   

Spiritworld - U L C E R

Thrash-death cowboys Spiritworld have unveiled an official visualiser for U L C E R, their new single dropping just in time for the release of Deathwestern. Settling into the satisfying old school groove as Power Trip’s iconic Executioner’s Tax (Swing Of The Axe), U L C E R perfectly captures the swagger Spiritworld are bringing to modern extreme metal, ferocious snarls not taking away from their sheer anthemic potential.

League Of Distortion - I’m A Bitch

After finding acclaim with metal covers band Exit Eden, Anna Brunner has teamed up with Kissin’ Dynamite guitarist Jim Müller in League Of Distortion. Mix the strut and sleek sound of nu gen with the fiery sing-along prowess of Halestorm and you’re well on the way to the sound of I’m A Bitch, the single championing the same empowering vibes of Love Bites (So Do I) in a fresh and exciting way.  

Heck - Static Noise; Mozart

Heck’s anarchic live shows have transcended to near legendary status, even more-so since the British band split up in August 2017. After some comeback gigs earlier this year, Static Noise; Mozart offers hope that the mathcore group have a new release on the horizon, exploding to life in a flurry of shrieks and riffs that sends them bouncing off the walls in a deeply satisfying way. Kudos on trolling the world with a “video loading” music video, too. 

Chaos Doctrine - Martyr

Grandiose symphonic elements intermingle with colossal prog metal riffs in Chaos Doctrine’s newest single Martyr, the band embracing a sense of enormity that pins them as South Africa’s answer to Gojira. Ambitious and powerful in equal measure, Martyr firmly reinforces the sense that Chaos Doctrine are helping to redraw expectations on what African metal can be and sound like. 

Naut - Unity Of Opposites

What better way to embrace longer nights than with some brooding tones? Newcomers Naut are taking goth right back to its roots in 80s acts like The Mission and Fields Of Nephilim, cold, high-toned guitars intermingling with dark, ethereal vocals that seem to emanate from beyond the veil. With their debut album Hunt coming on February 24, we should be hearing much more from this British post-punk inspired act.  

Death Pill - Расцарапаю Ебало

If spiky, snarling hardcore punk is your chosen poison, you’ll not want to miss Ukrainian newcomers Death Pill. Расцарапаю Ебало is the debut single from the band’s upcoming self-titled debut album and transplants the muddy stomp of Discharge into the 21st Century with a fresh sense of incendiary indignation.   

Zetra - Hopeless Odyssey

Zetra are fully embracing a Type O Negative-like sense of doomed romanticism on Hopeless Odyssey, heartbreaking melodies and glacial riffs mixing in a bewitching brew. While details on a full-length still haven’t materialised from the void, Hopeless Odyssey suggests exciting things lie ahead for the gothic newcomers. 

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