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UK Subs: Yellow Leader

Old-school punks brought to you by the letter ‘Y’.

They’re a band that seem to have had more albums than Now That’s What I Call Music, except while the pop franchise keeps on chasing the fashionable, UK Subs are committed to black-sky-thinking, old-school punk rock.

In reality, they’re working their way through the alphabet, from 1979’s Another Kind Of Blues up until next year’s mystery (and presumably final) ‘Z’ album, and Yellow Leader finds them on fast and fiery, if predictable, form.

Packaged in comic book artwork, this is another run through deceptively simple but stirring punk rock anthems, Charlie Harper’s slurred and sneered delivery giving them an edge that their contemporaries lost in the mists of time. A spirited race to what looks like the end of the road./o:p