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The Voyeurs: Rhubarb Rhubarb

East London indie rockers paint pictures from the gutter on album number two.

It takes a brave soul to reference the Glitter Band these days, but on Rhubarb Rhubarb The Voyeurs jump in there both stack-heeled boots first on opener Train To Minsk, with its sleazy glam stomp and chanted backing vocals.

While their debut Clarietta was in thrall to the 70s NYC rock’n’roll of Television et al, the band previously known as Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs have extended their repertoire a little this time around. The results are unremarkable.

What does return is a parade of seedy characters, such as the clammy clubbers of The Smiling Loon staggering out over its raggedly euphoric chug to puke in the gutter, which just about helps to elevate them from the indentikit louche indie rockers to have served time in the pubs of Camden for the past 20 years./o:p