The Vintage Caravan: Arrival

Vintage trouble from planet caravan.

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Three albums in, and with a combined age closer to any single member of their most obvious antecedents, youthful Icelandic trio The Vintage Caravan deal in a purist form of 70s-informed bluesy classic rock with a capital ‘C’.

A befitting production job pushes guitars and bass to meter-clipping levels, referencing both the past (Blue Cheer) and the current stoner aesthetic, which is, give or take the odd diversion, essentially where they sit.

An occasional psychedelic wash and vague elements of prog tossed into the pot of archetypal vintage riffs elevates the whole into a proposition far more interesting than standard retro fare.

There’s a notable maturity to Oskar Logi’s vocals, marrying Ozzy’s phrasing to a lower register, and brief forays into poppier melodies (Shaken Beliefs, Eclipsed) leavens some of the stodge. And, while not quite attaining the heights aspired to, one suspects it’s not too far off. Time is certainly on their side./o:p