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The Vaselines: V For Vaselines

Third album by Glasgow punk-popsters beloved of Cobain.

Though they formed in 1987, this is only the third album by Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee, the duo at the core of The Vaselines - they split following the release of their debut in 1989, very much in their spirit of their songs which, Ramones-like, are designed not to outstay their welcome.

Having reunited in 2008, they’ve decided another batch of their punk-pop cookies are in order. Vaselines fans will not be disappointed or surprised by these tunes, which are fizzy and vivacious punky pop pellets without any deviations - the changes of Inky Lies and Crazy Lady proceed in little right angles, never once going for the diagonal option.

It’s like going up and down the same set of guitar staircases over and over. Still, by the time of Earth Is Speeding you can’t help nodding along.