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The Main Grains - Don’t Believe Everything You Think album review

Danny McCormack is still wild at heart

There’s definitely something to be said for sticking to your strengths and that’s exactly what you’ll find on this debut seven tracker from former Wildheart and Yo-Yo Danny McCormack – straightforward, no-nonsense punk’n’roll.

Like a heavier-sounding Ramones – McCormack’s bass is way up in the mix, creating a fat, speaker-shaking bottom end – the lean and mean Unscrewed, Spend Your Money and Fine By You fairly hurtle by, the entire affair barely exceeding 20 wired and frantic minutes.

A cover of the Undertones Teenage Kicks lurks towards the end to provide another little pointer as to where this lot are coming from – as if you really needed to be told. Noisy, unpretentious fun.

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