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The Hyena Kill – Atomised album review

Monstrous Mancunian duo The Hyena Kill gear up to spill your guts

The Hyena Kill, Atomised album cover

What started out as two best mates trying to make the dirtiest, loudest racket manageable has morphed into a turbocharged brick shithouse of a beast.

This debut from Manchester guitar and drums duo The Hyena Kill was recorded at Abbey Road Studios following a PledgeMusic campaign, allowing Steven Dobb and Lorna Blundell to pack some real sonic muscle behind their feral, QOTSA-meets-Tool-meets-Nirvana riffs.

Over the last four years, and a couple of EPs and singles, the band have been gradually augmenting their sound, but Atomised sees them harness it into a real force of nature. Highlight Crosses takes those influences and contorts them into a swamp-thick mass of sound with meat-cleaver precision riffs, juggernaut grooves and rabid vocals. The band aren’t afraid to play with dynamics – see the shimmering smoulder of The Waiting Room and searing climax of the title track – but mostly, rejecting label calls to write “catchier songs”, the frantic grunge of Your Loss and Tongue Tied focuses on splatting guts against walls. A debut full of red-blooded promise.