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The Crunch: Brand New Brand

Cut-price supergroup’s power-punk second.

Yes, Cockney Rejects guitarist Mick Geggus, sometime Sham 69 bassist Dave Tregunna and original Clash drummer Terry Chimes (taking time out from his regular gig as an Essex chiropractor) are back for another busman’s holiday in power-pop.

But if that’s your idea of a supergroup, note that Sulo Karlsson, of 70s-style classic-rocking Swedes The Diamond Dogs, is the singer-songwriter here, dominance emphasised by the addition of compatriot Idde Schultz on keyboards and vocals.

Influences range across the 70s charts, from Born To Run to Guns Of Brixton to the title track’s Mott glam-boogie. The biggest pleasure is hearing Geggus, wholly free of Rejects stylistic cares, tackling rockabilly, blues and acoustic poignancy like a mature old pro.