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The Bullhounds - To Rock And To Serve album review

Three quarters of the Georgia Satellites pick up where they left off

The Bullhounds To Rock And To Serve album cover

Back in 1986, in the middle of glam-metal mania, a group of loose-limbed good ol’ boys from Atlanta showed up at the party dressed in faded denim and reeking of moonshine and summer rain. The Georgia Satellites’ debut album spawned enduring hits Keep Your Hands To Yourself and Battleship Chains, and brought some much-needed warmth and humour to the plastic-fantastic world of 80s rock.

Fast forward a few years and The Bullhounds – featuring three-quarters of the Sats, minus frontman Dan Baird – pick up where they left off. New singer Erling Daell adds grit and swagger, and the band’s unwavering dedication to good times and no hassles remains. You don’t need a degree in rocket surgery to get what songs like Jack & No Spare and Ain’t Easy Bein’ Cool are about. They’re about rock’n’roll, man.

Georgia Satellites: Georgia Satellites